The V8 is the eighth generation of receiver technology developed by Phoenix since 1975. The V8 builds upon many of the most attractive features of the highly successful Phoenix V5, V6A, and System 2000, including permanent GPS synchronization and light weight. The full-size ASCII keyboard and full-size, full-colour, sunlight-readable display give the operator hands-on control of the entire data acquisition process for all the most common geophysical techniques—both controlled source techniques and natural source techniques (AMT, MT). The V8 has 3 magnetic channels and 3 electric channels. The magnetic channels can be assigned either to standard magnetic sensors or to TDEM sensors. The V8 can operate in stand-alone mode (usually for AMT and MT). In addition, it can serve as the hub of a local network of auxiliary 3-channel (3E) data acquisition units, which communicate with the V8 by wireless or optional cable. All recording units are permanently synchronized to GPS time and are optimized to operate with transmitters similarly synchronized to GPS time.



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